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Do you want to earn some extra income? You don’t have the time and the energy? The answer is ROZEX

No matter if you are an individual or you got some influence on social media, this chance is for everyone.


A new marketing service from Rozana which gives you the opportunity to earn some extra income easily with no effort or time commitments, all you need is to have a mobile phone and enjoy inviting people and win your commission.

This program has a cumulative feature as you can invite an infinite number of friends and get your commission for each one place an order for the first time in our website. Your commissions will be collected in your personal account on our website.

Terms and conditions:

- The maximum amount of commissions collected by you is 25000kr, in this case you need to redeem some of it to be able to collect more commissions.

- Sending invitations to dummy accounts or creating new accounts is forbidden and may exposes you to legal liability.

- The commission rate is variable as it may increase or decrease. Note that the change is not retroactive, meaning that the commissions previously obtained is not subject to change.

- You can anytime use your whole or partial amount of your commissions collected in your account by converting the same to voucher which can be used directly on our webshop.

- Who can join Rozex program?

* You need to have an account in Rozana website.

* You already have purchased at least three orders.

* You got the skill to convince and marketing your campaign.

- You have the right to quit this program anytime you want through your account page.

To register a new account:

Feel free to contact us at:


or click on the button below

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